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What size boxing gloves do I need?

Boxing gloves - Size chart

The ideal size for a certain weight or height does not exist. Every body is different of course. It is true that a good estimate can be made through our size chart below. If you are unable to find the right size yourself, you can of course always ask your teacher and our customer service.

The table is based on both the size of your hand (without hand wraps) ,your height and body weight.
This way you can make a good estimate of which oz boxing gloves you'll need. In the size chart below you can easily select the desired size.



Hand size


8 oz

14-17 cm

40-50 kg

10 oz

17-19 cm

50-60 kg

12 oz

19-22 cm

60-75 kg

14 oz

22-24 cm

75-85 kg

16 oz

24-26 cm

85-92 kg

18 oz

26 cm or more

92kg or more


If you really can't figure it out, you can always call us on 06-11218115 or contact us via our contact form below, you can of course also mail us!


What size boxing gloves do I need: "What does that mean?"

The size of boxing gloves and Kickboxing gloves is based on the British-American measurement system. Converted to grams, one ounce equals 28,349 grams. The weight (or size) of a (kick) boxing glove will usually be between 4 and 20oz. Usually the height of the number of ounces increases in steps of 2 ounce.

The number of ounces indicate how heavy the boxing glove is, but also how large the glove is on the inside.


So the higher the number of ounces or OZ of the glove, the heavier and larger it is (this applies to both the outside and inside of the glove).


Where should I pay attention to when purchasing (Kick)Boxing Gloves .

The choice of your (Kick)boxing glove is based on your experience / level and weight. Below useful information to find out what type of (Kick) boxing gloves you need!


Do you train on boxing bags?

Then we advise you punching bag gloves, (Kick) boxing gloves can be used but we do not recommend this. Punching bag gloves are specially designed to train on a punching bag.


Is there a lot of difference between the brands in terms of size?

Every brand has different shapes, size tables and models.
So it can be certain that a 14 oz Booster gloves has a different fit than, for example, a boxing glove from Hayabusa, King, and Twins. If you don't know exactly how a certain brand of gloves will fit, we can always help you free of charge. Our customer service, which consists of experienced fighters are happily to answer your questions. Of course you are also welcome to visit our ship and try on different types of gloves in our showroom in Dordrecht (the Netherlands) , 20 km south of Rotterdam.


I am looking for a boxing glove for my child, which size do I need?

You often see our youngest talents between the age of 5 and 10 usually use a pair of boxing gloves from size 4 to 8oz to practice to become the best fighter later on.


Do you also have boxing gloves for women or girls?

Women, girls and even small boys can choose gloves between 8oz and 14oz. It is often the case that women have smaller hands, so they will need a smaller size. Often the case since most gloves are made for men.


What size of kickboxing gloves do I need as a man?

Adult men under a weight of 70 kilograms can best choose a 12oz glove, this glove will often be suitable for this body weight.

The best-selling size glove is a 14oz glove, this glove sells well because most men are between 70 and 85 kg and therefore appeal to a large target group.

Are you tall, and heavier than 85 kg, then the chances are big that a 16oz glove fits perfectly. But every body and hand is different ofcourse.


Which brands of kickboxing gloves do you sell?

Now that we've told you everything about the size, it's time to order the best gloves for your type of training.
We have a small overview of the best-selling brands of our kickboxing gloves below.


  • Real FightGear (our own private brand)
  • Hayabusa
  • RDXsports
  • Booster
  • Everlast
  • Queen
  • Twins
  • King pro Boxing
  • Boxeur des Rues
  • Adidas
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